5S Trade

We are importing and wholesale distribution company working with national and imported brands of Healthcare Products. We offer equipment, devices, materials, articles and systems for use or medical, dental and laboratory applications, aimed at prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation in healthcare


5S Trade is a diversified company that provides technology solutions with products and services. We strive to incorporate new technologies providing technology, science and industry based products for health, from equipment and instruments, electronic, scientific and medical products as well as medicinal products, devices, procedures, and organizational support systems within which health care are offered.


The Vision which inspires us is to transform 5S Trade into a world-wide company, recognized in providing technological solutions to enhance the lives of companies and people, capable of adding value to our clients, partners, suppliers, collaborators and associates.

This Vision motivates us to realize our Mission, which is:

  • To offer innovative and accessible technological products and services;
  • Driven by quality in customer service and assistance for everyone; and
  • Establish solid partnerships with companies in the health area.



Our Mission and Vision are sustained by our Corporative Values that reflect how we conduct business and relationships with our clients, partners, suppliers, collaborators and associates:  Focus on People to act with ethics and integrity respecting everyone. Focus on Customers to place our passion in service to our clients. Focus on Partners to establish strategic alliances. Social and Environmental Responsibility to conduct the company life in a sustainable manner, respecting the rights of all, including the future generations. Sustainable Excellence to do business with mind and heart in relation to our mission and vision searching for excellence in everything we do. Profitable Excellence, searching for responsible profit focused on results with clear goals and transparent communication about our strategic plans.


An Organizational Culture is formed by values ​​and beliefs. We strongly believe that success is intrinsically linked to an organizational environment permeated by a culture that encourages, promotes and implements, on a permanent basis:

  • Quality of Life;
  • Organizational Learning;
  • Innovation and Creativity; and the,
  • Entrepreneurial Initiative.